Friday, December 22, 2006


Happy last day of Hannukah! Say good bye to latkes and fried donuts for a long time. As of now, each last day of Hannukah this year, I will be writing a poem. Now for the first annual Gman poem.
Its the last day of Hannukah
There are no more days-a-kah
No more dancing and eating-a-kah
Im listening to Weird Al Yankovich-an-ukah
And hes getting old pretty fast-a-kah
And I have a little Cold-O-Wanakah
So my nose is running-on-a-kah
Which sucks a lot-a-kah
And so does my poem-on-a-kah
And I just got a sweater-a-kah
And a neckwarm-er-a-kah
So have a jolly, wolly,
Dolly, schmolly happy wappy


kingkael said...

beautiful poem. simply awesome.
(yeah, i'm christian)

Anonymous said... (tm) flying spaggeheti monster. Best. Relegion. Evar. Aka bestreligiontehpwn! lawlz. Happy Break Everyone