Monday, January 15, 2007

HTML... Learn It

This is for all of you people on this blog.
Have you ever wondered how I do that magic bold, italic, underline, or even strikethrough?
It is all through the magic of HTML tags. HTML tags are usually formatted like this:
<tag>stuff that the tag applies to</tag>

There are tags for formatting text like

Links are special tags that have a paramater.
<a href="URL goes here">This is a link.</a>

As you can see, the tag is <a> and the paramater "href" is where the link goes to. I don't know why they called it "href". It's a stupid name.

Images have a parameter, too.
<img src="URL of image">

Images are different than other all the other tags here because there is no </img> at the end.
This concludes my beginner guide to HTML. So learn it. And comment if you have more questions.