Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Newspaper Comics: What's wrong with them?

Reading the comics, one of my main sources of amusement in the wee hours of the morning, I found this comedic vacuum staring back at me.

Over the past months, humor has been increasingly outphased by it's absence, shown here in it's physical form. Aparently, the fantasy world which the comic's author has accepted as reality, the greater population's brains were harvested by the little green men. That's why they find the notion that Old Yeller is sad hillarious. Or, he could be a schitzophreniac.

That said, drawings with captions that are not funny in any way (the term "comics" doesn't apply) like these are increasing, and it won't be long before actuall good comics like Foxtrot or Brevity succumb to the corruption that is sweeping through America's funny pages.

Maybe comic artists are being replaced by humorless, soulless computers, the same ones that answer my calls to tech support and supply the music played in elevators. Maybe the comic artists just aren't getting paid enough, and they're using bad comics as a form of protest. Whatever the cause, comics suck, and when one fails society, society fails one, and that means we are all at fault. The true cause of horrible comics may be in each one of us, so the next time something fails to amuse you, look inside.


Anonymous said...

I like dilbert a lot, personally

k-rizzle said...

im a fan of pearl before swine

Anonymous said...

same, thats some good stuff. A lot of the comics can be funny at times, and dull too. Non Sequitor is funny often, imo. And shermans lagoon