Saturday, May 19, 2007

Dispatch from the Maker Faire

I have just returned from the Maker Faire, and there is but one word to describe it: awesome. I will try to recount the events as best as I can. After parking, we made our way to the main entrance. Nothing seemed that special about this gathering, but as we walked through the parking lot, we saw a person holding some device in their hand, and a robot trailing behind them. This was my first clue that the Maker Faire was my kind of fair. Then there was the people. We overheard that 45,000 people had attended, twice the amount of the year before. Suddenly, I heard a loud boom and saw a mushroom cloud of fire burst into the air in the distance. That's enough clues for me. The San Mateo fairgrounds are quite large, and every square inch contained a person or an invention, and sometimes both. I was happy to see Sparkfun Electronics there, demoing a picture-frame tetris game. Very neat indeed. We also had some fun on a bicycle pedal powered ferris wheel, and we even saw Justin from!

What else did I miss? There were at least five 3d printers, most notably Fab@Home. One of them even printed things out of sugar! The things it made looked really good, but a sign said "Do not touch" and I assumed they also did not want me to eat it, either. It's not just a nerd event, almost everyone there came as a family. I really reccomend that you go tommorow for the second day, and make sure you get there right at 10:00. Remember the word: Awesome. I would definetley go again next year.


Kael said...

no comments on my epic post?

Pseudar said...

you neglected to mention the ComBot competiton. I found the robot wars were the highlight of the competition.

Kael said...

yes, I forgot many things. There was just too much to include in one post. I probably didn't mention the ComBot competition because I did not see it.