Thursday, June 7, 2007

My first post in a while

To our 550,000 non-existent readers:
I haven't posted in a large amount of time, but after months of procrastination and forgetting, i am back! Finals are still going on, and I am only more confused. Ms.A*** uses this crazy mathematical lunacy, alongside a bucket of moldy yellow fluid (seriously, it's under the sink), to grade our papers. From what she told the class in a series of fits and trances, it goes like this.

If we get an F, it means we get a 0, but it actually counts in the gradebook as 50% The grading program used enters this into the computer.



If we talk during the test, we get a double-F, or double-0 as it's sometimes referred to, which should count for 0 points both on the score sheet and in the grading program. However, the correct way to write it is as NG, or No Grade. When you write "FF" or OO, it is....



50^2 =/= 0



Therefore, according to the grading algorithm used in the grading software, a double-F counts as the original value multiplied by 2.
That means that when Ms. A***** enters "FF" into the computer, and I've seen her do it, it gives us 2500%. WTF????

By failing the final, are we giving ourselves a 1000% in her class, giving us a grade point average of more than 10 times what is allowed by the district! Could failing the final give us a higher grade than what is physically possible, and crash the school grading network?

Only one way to find out...

I think that's what the bucket of putrid yellow fluid is for.



Anonymous said...

I loled, hard

Kael said...

Does she really put FF into the grading program? Now I'm pissed that I didn't cheat.