Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Band Camp

Today I am leaving for Band Camp. I said it. Band Camp. I beg and plead and beg some more but my fate remains the same. I am going to...Band Camp.

I play the Clarinet, or at least I played it. I haven't practiced in over 40 days due to being out of the country, taking care of business before school ended. And, procrastination. I am completely unprepared to go to Band Camp. I will do miserably and play terribly. It will be 11 days of pure lameness.

Lameness? Isn't Band Camp already lame? It's Band Camp, right? Wrong. It is actually very fun. I went last year and enjoyed it. There were a few kids who fit the stereotypical "nerd" profile, but most everyone else was cool.

TLDR: I am going to Band Camp. I haven't practiced. Ouch.

See you all in 11 days, when I get back from band camp and immediately leave for another camp.

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Kael said...

your schedule seems quite busy this summer