Monday, July 2, 2007

Buy One, Get to Vermont

Here I am, posting from Vermont on my summer vacation. My computer is broken, it won't start up, probably a broken logic board, probably won't be using that computer ever again. I managed to snag this computer for a moment to write this post, luckilly.
If you have been reading my Twitter, you would see that I was in the San Francisco airport taking a flight on JetBlue to Boston. By the way, JetBlue is a great airline. We hardly ever experience delays and they have excellent in-flight entertainment if you are always bored like me. The JetBlue terminal is new to SFO, so for some reason it is located in the International Terminal even though their flights are domestic. As a result, we experienced no lines in baggage check-in or security, despite the recent attacks in Europe and the upcoming 4th of July holiday (Because its my birthday!). So, we had two hours to goof off before our flight boarded.
On the plane, they had a channel where they were showing only episodes of The Simpsons as part of a promotion for the upcoming movie. It was a redeye, so I managed to get some sleep. (But clearly not enough, because when I woke up I felt like a piece of crap.) Once in Boston we met with some family and ate breakfast briefly where we started our three hour drive north to Vermont. I slept half the time, and unlike my previous nap, I awoke feeling refreshed and ready for the day. I looking forward to Wednesday, because it is like one of those rare buy-one-get-two-free deals. A holiday, my birthday, and the Transformers movie all in one day.
I'll return from my trip on the 28th and hopefully post some more details then.

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