Monday, October 15, 2007

Big News (Or rather, lots of little news)

Ah, so much news recently. How to write it all? Paragraphs just won't do. No, its time to bring out the big guns. Or, rather, bullets.

  • Advertising. MochiAds has finally opened to everyone. What it is is an ad system for flash games. It is completely free for flash game designers and the only catch is that they don't pay you until you make at least $100. Because everyone who reads this blog designs flash games.

  • Portal. A flash version of the new game Portal has been created and now I really want the real Portal. Be prepared to be addicted.

  • Halloween! Its coming up, and I think Krazy Krap might get a costume soon. Stay tuned.

  • Vlogging. No, not us. But one of my favorite bloggers Dave from Blogography has started vlogging.

  • Alogging? I swear there will be another podcast soon. And it might be funny, but no promises there.

  • Insomnia. That would describe the opposite of what I am feeling now. But the movie is done, and you will be able to watch and vote for it starting Friday the 19th.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I've been addicted to flash portal long before this post. I almost beat the game before I accidentaly quit safari.