Thursday, October 18, 2007

Homework and Sleep are Overdue for a Truce

Why is there so much hatred between sleep and homework? Or, I should say, why is there so much hatred between Kael and anything related to homework? The answer is unknown. Kael is a hopeless addict to everything made by sleep. He praises sleep almost to the point of worship. 

Kael seems to think that I hate sleep and love homework. Strange notion, considering the fact that I OWN A BED. Yes. I own a bed. I think that beds are amazing things. They are much easier to use than many pencils. However, I, unlike Kael, do not despise homework. I used a pencil for a long time and I find that homework is superior to sleep in many aspects. 

What I don't see is why bed owners can't just be at peace with pencil owners, and pencil owners at peace with bed owners. It's just an object. Don't judge someone personality by their writing/sleeping device. 

Sleep and homework need a truce. Stop arguing about pointless things. Homework is better for buisness, sleep is better for fun, sleep is good for this, homework is good for that, wah wah wah. It doesn't matter. 

Although Kael can still continue with his sleep posts. Just stop including me in them, because I don't hate sleep.

Ahhh... its just like mad libs. Or find and replace. I need some sleep.


Pseudar said...


Kael said...

Mad libs, man, mad libs.

Anonymous said...

haha, I actually laughed reading that!

Anonymous said...

lol at ichat screwing up our chats

Anonymous said...

What is this, some kind of sick joke?