Wednesday, January 2, 2008

DC Adventures

Besides the various famous monuments that reside in Washington, D.C., I saw many things that, although less well-known, were just as interesting. In addition to what I saw at the airport (see earlier post), I witnessed one of the interactive displays at the Smithsonian proudly showing the dreaded "Blue Screen of Death". A boy there says to his dad, "How do you use this?" His dad replies, "That means that its broken. You'll get used to that screen." Seriously people, if you're going to use Windows, at least upgrade to XP.

I also passed by the holy church of Scientology. Want to hear a joke? Scientology!

One of the coolest things I saw, though, was what is quite possibly the longest escelator in the world. Located at the Metro stop in DuPont Circle, it is not something you would want to walk up. Trust me, I would know; the escelator just happened to be broken when I was there. Pictures soon.

The Internet is down at the hotel so I'll post this when I can.

Now I am in Vermont. The internet is working just fine here so I am posting all of this. It was a nice drive here, we got to enjoy the scenery of at least 20 car accidents on the icy snowy road. There was lots of traffic because two cars had crashed on opposite sides of the road leaving just enough space for one car at a time to go through. Also, pictures soon.


Anonymous said...

Awesome! Kyle showed me Macheist, can you give me some codes so I can get free software. I don't want to solve any dumb missions.

Kael said...

lol i forgot all the codes but they are all on the forums on the macheist site if you look for them