Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Say Hello To My Little Friend

Today I had a double period of Social Issues "class". I put class in quotes as this "class" pushes the definition a bit. Most of the time we have the exact same discussion each day for weeks at a time. When I say exact I mean exact, almost word for word. You could see how this could get boring. So for me the class is an opportunity to work on stuff for other classes. Today, however, we had an "assignment". See those quotes again? Our assignment was to split into groups with boys and groups with girls to look online for five pictures of people of our sex that are considered attractive. Why do we look for pictures of people of our sex? I suppose it is to make it as awkward as possible. So, I picked the usual suspects: Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp, Justin Timberlake, etc. But for my fifth picture I added in someone you would not in your right mind pick. Say hello to my little friend:
Typical me, trying to be funny. Unfortunately, no one thought it was a joke. So now every girl in my class is either attracted to Sylvester Stallone or thinks that I am a freak. For their sake, I hope it is the latter.

Edit:I neglected to mention that Pseudar was in my group and that Zac Efron was also included in our list of hot men.


Pseudar said...

You forgot to mention Zach Effron.

Anonymous said...