Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Trogdor Live

Yes, this is real. The Brothers Chaps (creators of Homestar Runner) and some of their buddies put on a concert as the fictional band Limozeen. The lead singer gets posessed by Strongbad and much awesomeness ensues. See the other videos by this user. The whole concert is there, including some Limozeen and Sloshy songs.


Anonymous said...

I have no idea what he is saying.

Pseudar said...

It goes a little something like this:


Trogdor was a man
I mean, he was a dragon man
Or maybe he was just a dragon

But he was still TROGDOR!

Burninating the countryside,
Burninating the peasants
Burninating all the peoples
And their thatched-roof COTTAGES!


When all the land is in ruin,
And burnination has forsaken the countryside,
Only one guy will remain.

My money's on TROGDOR!

And theTrogdor comes in the NIIIGHT..."

Anonymous said...

Seems you are getting better at your job