Thursday, July 3, 2008

Music Review

Yes it is true, I am back for good (hopefully), and i will be posting regularly in an effort to get more people (other than g-mans mom) to read the blog. So I am going to write weekly music reviews. This week...Girl Talk!!

Ok, so I know what most of you are thinking "What is this sh*t? The new Polly Pocket cell phone??" Well FYI its not. Girl Talk (or Gregg Gills) is a mash-up DJ who takes different parts of songs (i.e. lyrics, harmonies, etc.) and mixes them with other parts of different songs. Basically, it is amazing. He just came out with a new album titled Feed The Animals which you can buy directly from his myspace.

I strongly recommend downloading his music. This guy is really innovative and I can't wait till he comes to SF.

3 out of 4 Beatles.


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