Wednesday, January 24, 2007

TheBigHoochie: Congrats, First Commentor!

TheBigHoochie is a somewhat mysterious blog commenter that I would like to talk about. First off, we are really making a big deal about finding out who he is, a bigger deal than we should make. Second, I don't think we have properly welcomed him as the first outsider to comment on our blog. In years to come, we will remember you, as most blogs make it a tradition to remember there first commenter. Third, in order to figure out who you are, could you please give some subtle hints or a sort of riddle that we have to solve? It would be quite nice if you mad it rhyme, too, because you seem to be good at that. So please comment on this post, and we will see if we can solve your riddle. Once again, congratulations being our first commentor!

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