Friday, February 2, 2007

Excuses, Excuses

Why no new posts, you may ask? We all have our reasons. Gman was captured by an assassin rogue and got lost in deep space. K-rizzle got some badly needed sleep...and still hasn't woken up. Not that he didn't show up for school, he just slept through it all. Psuedar was contemplating the meaning of life, and a better screen name. As for myself, was watching "The Office", and spent a week telling people about how hilarious it was. (Yes, the American one, for those who know there is also a British one.)
We won't be posting that much anymore, not that anyone reads this. If you do, please get a blogger account and comment to show you care. "TheBigHoochie", our only reader, has sadly left us. Also, if it is still playing, watch "Pan's Labyrinth". It's an awesome movie.

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