Saturday, February 3, 2007


All the Kael said is true. I was stolen by an assassin Tikbalang and hoarded away in to the treetops. The cruel Tikbalangs had little mercy, but I was able to escape! I highly recommend that everyone here buys an Infallible Tikbalang Talisman!! It really does work!! After being stolen, I purchased one and since than, no Tikbalang has come near me!!
I am planning on watching Pan's Labyrinth, maybe even tonight! Contrary to what Kael said, posting will continue on this blog. Without my daily dose of Krazy Krap, I could go insane!


Kael said...

Gman said:
With my daily dose of Krazy Krap, I could go insane!

Shouldn't it be 'Without'?

Anonymous said...

What do you mean. It was always without. Ive learned some HTML tags too, see? You're not so cool after all?

You are now honored with the grammer police.

TheBigHoochie said...

I haven't left. I was just temporarily delayed. I also enjoy "The Office" and thought "Pan's Labrynth" was very cool. How is life on Teaberry Lane, the Paradise Cay and the Temporary While the House is Remodeled Stay?

Anonymous said...

And the plot thickens. Life is pretty good for me. You forget pseudar's homeley home on Grenada. i hit level 62 in WoW. Yay!! We will find out your secret identity. We may be forced to delete your post, because it says where we live. Are you Kael's dad by any chance?

Anonymous said...

< Kael showed me how to do this, i hope it works >