Tuesday, June 5, 2007

The Final Epic, Part I

"Oh, finals, why do you hate me so?"
"We do not hate you, Kael. We simply wish you to learn," reply the finals in a distant ghost-like voice. The voice echoes through the empty air, sounding like a thousand tortured souls in chorus.
"Why do you lie to me, finals?"
"Ah, a clever one, I see. You have uncovered us for what we truly are."
"Yes, I know everything."
"But nobody knows everything!" snickers the finals.
"But I am nobody."
"Perhaps I have underestimated you, Kael. But you will still perish under the weight of my sixteen pages!"
"We shall see, finals, we shall see!"

And so the epic battle begins.

Authors note: I don't quite get it either. Please read the previous posts for more explantion of what the hell is going on.

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