Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Not Studying For Finals

Well, the year is over, and I am posting from home. You know what that means? I can post whatever I want about my teachers. This is completely unaffiliated with school. Therefore, I can post something I have been wanting to post for a long time, but couldn't because I was using my school computer.

I hate Ms. Aloi.

Yes, I said it. Read that again:

I HATE Ms. Aloi.


I really, really hate Ms. Aloi.

I hope she is fired from every job she gets.

I hope she is never hired.

I really hate Ms. Aloi.

I hate Ms. Aloi

Ah, that feels better. Yes, uncensored for the first time, we all hate Ms. Aloi. That brings me to my next topic, finals.

Ah yes, I have finals in English tommorow, along with Ms. Aloi. English I am prepared for. As for Ms. Aloi?

I HATE HER. She hasn't taught us anything, and she is giving us another teachers final. She doesn't answer questions. I am not even going to bother studying, because whatever grade I get will not be even remotely determined by how hard I tried, or my natural genius.

It will be determined by a cage filled with monkeys, an imaginary husband, and a magic eight ball. The fumes of her room probably help too.

Uncensored hate of Ms. Aloi. Pure, pure hate. Ms. Aloi. Please die.

Gman, over and out!

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