Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Summer Camp

This year, I am once again enrolled in a summer camp. However, I am not one of the campers. This year I am a counselor in training. What is the difference between a counselor and a counselor in training, you ask? The difference is that I am younger and do not get paid.
So far I have been to camp three days. On Monday, I arrived after an extremely long bike ride (approx. 2 minutes) from my house. Once there, I had to choose a camp name that the campers would call me. Due to my previous experience, or lack thereof, I have been dubbed "Rookie".
I soon found that the campers' favorite activity is chasing me around and grabbing on too me. Once about eight have done so, there combined strength is able to pull me to the ground. Everything besides that was going well.
Then it was lunchtime.
I was surprised at some of the disturbing things that the campers talked about. One was talking about shooting the president because the weatherman predicted the weather inaccurately, another was talking about how an intoxicated adult with a chainsaw would cut people into bite-sized pieces. I feel like one of those adults talking about how everything is wrong with the new generation.
I wouldn't worry, though, because you can't stop kids from thinking about these things. After all that they just resumed chasing me. I'll have to post again after Friday, when the camp ends.

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