Friday, August 17, 2007

PSUEDAR IS BACK! Also, I quit World of Warcraft

After months of silence, I have returned to AKOKK.

My good friend Gman got me into the fun and addicting World of Warcraft, and after over a year, I think it's time call it quits. Also, the planned "expansion" seemed excessively disappointing, and it's utter lameness has, in a way, served as a wake up call for us all. Goodbye, Vgeresh, my 70 Human Mage. Goodbye Forever.

In a slightly related story, High School is starting for all members of the Krazy Krap Krew, so to the viewer, (there is only one we know of) expect posts to slightly increase in frequency and interestingness.

I also built a giant airzooka and made a whole bunch of cool drawings, but more on that later.


Anonymous said...

I quit wow too. My brother took both of our items and gold, etc. Heh.

Kael said...

whats with the extra spaces at the bottom of the post?

Pseudar said...
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Anonymous said...

Don't worry, I delete those annoying extra spaces.

Guess what? My new iMac is amaaaazing!!!

I have it set up so I can run both Vista (kinda cool) and OS X on the same comp.

In fact, I think I will make a post about this my sweet new computer.