Monday, March 17, 2008

The Untethering, Pt. 2

It has now been exactly 165 hours since my internet was cut, and as promised, it has resumed. How did my experiment into technological separation go? As K-Rizzle predicted, I actually did cave in after only 2 days. However, 95% of my internet use during this past week was for school research purposes.

With my tap into the electronic global consciousness running dry, I had a whole lot of new time on my hands. As I stumbled out of my darkened room, a ray of sunlight hit my uncertain face. I picked up my sketchbook and my pen, and I set out to sketch the natural world. I'll post my drawings later.

I also slept much better.

On a much different note, someone named "Mulifuncional" posted a comment on our blog. He currently has a spanish language review of the latest inkjet printers. This first anonymous commentator who isn't secretly someone we know may become our key to internet fame, so let's not jeopardize it.



Anonymous said...

did your pale cryptlord skin dissolve when the sun shine on it?

Kael said...

lol sounds like it sucked. I suspect "Mulifuncional" is a spammer and also does not know how to use the letter "t".

k-rizzle said...

"school" "research" "purposes"

a likely story