Wednesday, March 12, 2008

What's the Deal?

So I screwed up the blog month thing. Whoops. Oh well. But honestly I don't have much to talk about. I would talk about all the dumbasses on Deal or No Deal, but you can't fit that on one blog post.
As far as Apple news, the iPhone SDK was released. I downloaded it and have been playing around with it and it is extremely powerful. People are saying that this will be huge for gaming; with the iPhone's touchscreen, tilt controls, and 3d graphics, I would have to say they are right. Plus, it is easy to develop for if you have developed for the Mac before. (Like me) And I assure you that Slopinator will be available for the iPhone come June, along with the new 2.0 desktop version.
I don't want to just talk about Apple crap, but I don't have anything witty at all to say. All I've been doing is playing this cool flash game called Shift 2. It's a cool negative space puzzle platformer. I basically just used every gaming term I know. Its great way to come up with game ideas. How else do you get "First-person physics based survival horror puzzle game"? If you want to play my custom Shift 2 level, just paste this into the level editor:
Have fun with it.


Gman said...

I think deal or no deal sounds more interesting than coding or iphones.

No offense.

Multifuncional said...

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Pseudar said...

My God!! Multifuncional added us to blogroll!! Also, Deal or No Deal is an entertaining show. It is one of the many practical applications for statistical probability.

Gman said...

By statistical probability do you mean random chance?

Pseudar said...

I refer to the algorithms that the banker uses to set the deal.